9-year-old goalie makes 53 saves to raise nearly $10K for charity

Making 53 saves in a hockey game is a herculean effort in any context. But nine-year-old Berney Weston was making those saves for charity on Monday night.

A challenge had been issued asking people to donate a sum of money for every save he made in Monday night's atom playoff game.

The 53 saves weren't enough for Berney's team to win the game, but they scored thousands of dollars in donations.

Amanda Weston, Berney's mother, told CBC on Monday night that the average donation was about $180 per save.

She said the performance had raised $9,500 by the end of the game and donations were still rolling in — including a donation from the opposing team.

The Gull Lake goalie was raising money for The Casey Foundation, a charity which usually provides assistance for children with autism to the tune of $100,000 per year. 

The charity helps Berney's friend Chayce Foster.

"Chayce was at the game, and spent the breaks between periods with Berney and the team," Amanda Weston said.