9 things an interior decorator is adding to her home this fall

  • As an interior decorator, I incorporate earthy colors and small details into my home for fall.

  • Lean into seasonal textures like wool, wood, and wicker to create a classic autumnal feel.

  • I like to bring in autumn-scented candles and soaps and seasonal flowers like mums and marigolds.

The color palette in my home changes like the leaves on a tree.

Amber and bright-yellow pillows on a bed
I use more reds and oranges in my home in the fall.Anastasiia Krivenok/Getty Images

Refreshing my color palette and making small changes to my decor for fall gives me a new appreciation for my space.

With a neutral color palette, you can easily incorporate little touches of earthy shades like red, orange, or green around your home. But if your space is exploding with bright colors, coming up with a cohesive color palette for autumn can be tricky.

I recommend using an online color-palette tool to plan color combinations with autumn-adjacent tones. I do it for my space and love the final look each year.

I swap out lightweight cotton throws for cozy wool blankets.

Bed with cozy knitted blanket and cushions
Cozy knitted blankets and cushions scream fall.New Africa/Shutterstock

As the temperature drops, I swap out my light and airy blankets for heavier alternatives.

I prefer wool, an extremely durable fabric, to keep me snuggly and warm on chilly autumn nights. The signature texture of a soft knitted blanket or herringbone weave fits the classic fall aesthetic.

My throw-pillow covers are replaced with ones in fall colors.

Coral wall and white couch with coral pillows and throw blankets
I use pillow covers with autumnal earthy tones.Scovad/Getty Images

I always recommend buying throw pillows with high-quality inserts and removable covers that can be cleaned. But another benefit of a removable cover is the ability to change up your sitting area's look without buying new pillows.

I like to combine subtle autumnal earthy tones like rust and yellow ochre with plaid or simple knit patterns. Think about using heavier fabric choices like fleece or knits to enhance the cozy feel and bring in a fall color palette.

I'm obsessed with the warm scents of autumn.

Two candles on a tray with faux berries and gray couch in background
Display a pumpkin- or nutmeg-scented candle.Anna Ostanina/Getty Images

I love comforting autumn aromatics like cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg, and cloves.

Each fall, I swap out my everyday air fresheners and candles for these sweeter, earthy scents. I've even started using scent satchels to infuse the aroma of fall on coats and sweaters in my closet.

My essential linens help transform my kitchen for fall.

Cranberry napkins next to red plate in front of basket of apples on table
I like to incorporate cranberry tones into my table settings.Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Kitchen towels and details on a table setting, like napkins and placemats, can completely transform your space.

When fall hits, I swap out my white cotton napkins for a linen beige. My usual summer green towels are replaced with a warmer, less saturated mossy green, and my pink placemats get toned down to a rich cranberry shade.

Linens won't take up too much storage space in the offseason and can extend the life of your regular kitchen fabrics by giving them a three-to-six-month-long break.

I like to bring in classic textures and materials during the fall.

Three copper vases in a row
Copper details can help your space look ready for the season.Toyakisphoto/Shutterstock

I elevate my decor with items that embody the mood of fall without being too overtly themed.

Instead of buying fall-themed decor with pumpkins and leaves on it, I'll usually bring out copper cookware, wicker baskets, and wooden serving platters.

Bring the beauty of autumn to any home with seasonal plants.

Mums, pumpkins, and hay bales decor
Elevate your decor with chrysanthemums and pumpkins.Philippe Gerber/Getty Images

I display potted fall flowers like marigolds and chrysanthemums to add a fresh pop of color throughout my home.

These flowers are relatively low maintenance and should last the season. You can enhance the look with pumpkins and gourds, which you might even be able to cook with, from your local farmers market.

Update your bathroom with seasonal towels and soaps.

Purple, yellow, and orange towels in bathroom
I like to bring some fall colors into the bathroom.Laurie Rubin/Getty Images

I freshen up my bathroom space for fall by bringing in alternate hand towels and swapping out my soap for one with autumnal scents.

I usually like to stay away from heavily themed decor but I also think one or two pumpkin graphics on a hand towel can be tasteful in moderation. I also prefer towels with sculpted designs rather than printed ones because I want a long-lasting and luxurious experience.

Transform your home with some toned-down art.

Abstract art with burnt orange and teal colors above a gray couch
I like abstract art that uses an autumnal color palette.KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

I have a few art prints around the house that come in standard frame sizes, so when fall approaches, I order inexpensive printable posters from Etsy and display some fresh artwork.

I prefer fall-ish prints of abstract paintings, autumnal botanical paintings, and minimalist artworks that embody the feeling of the season in an artistic way.

I've even seen some printable posters for as little as $10, which I find to be a small expense for a huge transformation.

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