90 Day's Jeymi Is 'Worried' About Kris's 'Mental Health' After Tense Tell All: 'Disturbing' and 'Disrespectful'

"I could have thrown you under the bus but I didn't, I chose the high road," Kris Foster told her ex-wife Jeymi Noguera during the '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' tell-all

Kris Foster/instagram, Jeymi Noguera/instagram
Kris Foster/instagram, Jeymi Noguera/instagram

There was no love lost between Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera during the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all.

When asked if they had any "last words" for each other, Kris said, "No, because no matter what I say, she's going to have some remark to it. So there's really no point in it."

However, Jeymi decided to take one parting jab, saying,  "Yes, I'm very worried about your mental health."

"Yeah, that's the disturbing s--- I'm talking about," Kris replied. "I could have thrown you under the bus but I didn't, I chose the high road but you had to be disrespectful. Shocker."


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Earlier in the tell-all, Kris's mother Mona Pate spoke about the downfall of their pair's relationship.

"They both have good dreams but they didn't dream together. I think Kris — here's how I'm gonna put this — really loved the idea of Jeymi" Mona explained.

"What I hate about this whole situation is that I think they really wanted this [to work],” she continued. "I think the idea of it was beautiful. I think that Kris really wanted this to work and quite frankly, I think when she got to Columbia, it was just way more than she thought it was gonna be."

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The ex-wives also had a war of words over their finances during their time together living abroad. Jeymi showed proof of various payments she received from her former mother-in-law Mona while the couple was in Columbia. She claimed she was only given $1740 in total.

Kris countered that she "paid over seven grand in the time I was there," which left Jeymi appearing confused.  However, she was unable to provide receipts for her spending because she had closed the bank account.

Jeymi then insisted she "paid for everything" during the relationship.


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In a flashback to one of their heated arguments, Kris explained why she needed to stay in the U.S. to provide for them.

"If money was important to me, I would be spending the money on myself," Kris shared. "But I spend every dime sending money to you. Every penny I make goes to you ... Everything I do is never enough for you."

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The money conversation concluded with Kris sharing at the tell-all, "I just want her to acknowledge that everything I was doing was for her, that if I had the money, I would have left right away and I would have been there."

Their 90 Day costar Debbie then chimed, "You've worked so hard constantly working, working, working but did we see Jeymi working and busting her butt? Nope."

Jeymi denied that accusation, sharing, “That is not true. Look, I've worked my whole life. I started working again. The only thing I asked her to do was to pay the rent for the apartment. I didn't ask her for clothes. I didn't ask for shoes. Nothing, just the apartment. Nothing else."

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