90 year old plays more than 100 rounds of golf

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In his book The Authentic Swing, Steven Pressfield says,

”In golf, the ball sits there, staring up at you. Many brave men’s knees have buckled, confronting that gaze.”

If that is true, then 90 year old Doug Windrim from Moosomin is one of the bravest men in town.

Windrim played more than 100 games of golf at the Pipestone Hills golf club this year.

He was born on April 1, 1930 in Rocanville and did not take up golf until he started working in the 1950s as an elevator agent for Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

“I did not golf a lot until I retired in 1988 then I got a full time membership. Before that, on the weekend, I had a game or two,” said Windrim.

When he goes out to play he is rarely alone.

“My friends go with me on Seniors Tuesdays in the morning usually there are two or three or four of us out there,” said Windrim.

With so many games to his name, it is clear he golfs for pleasure and doesn’t focus on arbitrary things like handicaps.

“Oh I don’t really keep track of that,” said Windrim.

Although some people his age would rather sit and watch golf, Windrim prides himself in playing the sport almost every day.

“It is good exercise and as long as the weather is good, we are out there every day. I would rather play golf than watch golf,” said Windrim.

Although he averages one game a day, when Celebration Ford had its tournament this year, Windrim played three rounds of golf in one day.

Victor van der Merwe, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator