Watch a 90-year-old coronavirus survivor reunite with her husband

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Warning you right now, it’s about to get a little dusty in here.

A video shared by The Independent shows the emotional and heartwarming moment a nonagenarian coronavirus survivor, Joyce, is reunited with her husband, Don, following a month away from each other as the former was being treated for COVID-19.

Don can be heard telling Joyce she “looks beautiful,” as they see each other for the first time in weeks after the 90-year-old recovered from the virus and 'graduated' from her hospital’s COVID unit in Indianapolis.

Triumph’s like this are so important for many reasons, not the least of which is simply the unmeasurable inspiration and hope they have the potential to provide.

It’s been reported through and through just how hard it is for seniors, especially, to overcome this virus and how rapidly it spreads among the geriatric population. For those over 85 — or 90, in Joyce’s case — the outlook is even bleaker, with the majority of those in that demographic who contract the virus eventually succumbing to it directly, or via complications from the disease.

Older adults, especially those in the 80-plus age range, are also much more likely to already have underlying conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or respiratory illness. These comorbidities have shown conclusively to raise the risk of contracting severe COVID-19 and suffering a COVID-19-related death. Weaker immunity that comes with age makes it that much harder for older adults to fight off infection, too.

The global pandemic has also forced many populations and demographics — especially the elderly— into almost unprecedented isolation, so every inspiring, tears-of-joy inducing recovery and reunion story like this is a much-needed reminder of how beautiful those simple, often overlooked moments can be.

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