• Canadian shoppers feel duped by U.S. mall's at-par promotion

    Several Canadian shoppers are crying foul, saying a U.S. mall misled them when it offered "at par" sales this past long weekend. Some of the cross-border shoppers did not like what they saw and took to social media to vent. The mall's social media team responded to some upset shoppers, adding it apologized for the confusion.

  • Calgary 1st city in Canada and U.S. to exhibit Body Worlds 'coupling' specimen

    Body Worlds, the touring exhibit of cadavers preserved through plastination, has visited more than 100 cities around the globe — but very few have had the courage to exhibit one of the 'coupling' specimens. Calgary's Telus Spark Science Centre is the first in Canada and the U.S. to put it out there, but they're doing it with the utmost respect to their diverse clientele. The couple, which features a woman astride a well-endowed man, are hidden behind a sliding door that only opens on weekends and after 2:30 p.m. on weekdays at Telus Spark.

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  • Down time for prime ministers travelling abroad has always been fraught

    When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau would take Wednesday off to celebrate their wedding anniversary during a visit to Japan, critics immediately jumped on the micro-vacation as another example of Liberal entitlement. "I'll see your hubbub about nannies and extra help and raise you an anniversary abroad.

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  • Bodies of missing Washington couple believed to be found: police

    Police say they found the remains of two people they believed to be a woman and her husband who have been missing for six weeks and presumed killed in Washington state. Canadian media outlets have reported that the 46-year-old Patenaude once lived in British Columbia. Ireton says police are waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the identities, but they have reason to believe that they are Shunn and Patenaude.

    The Canadian Press
  • Alberta rallies international help for Fort McMurray wildfires

    Alberta's fire boss hopes fresh feet at the perimeter of Fort McMurray's massive fire will save some of the province's most valuable assets. More than 1,000 firefighters from across Canada, the U.S., South Africa and other countries will soon join the roughly 1,200-member fire crew already in Fort McMurray. Provincial wildfire manager Chad Morrison said his team made the decision to order them up last week — around the time the fires swept to the edges of oilsands sites, forcing a mandatory evacuation of 19 facilities north of Fort McMurray.

  • Medicare Doesn't Cover All Expenses

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  • 9 facts you may not have known about dandelions

    Dandelions are sprouting up all around Manitoba while city officials and homeowners try to find ways to deal with the yellow blooms.

  • Ontario shoppers find ‘due to Victoria Day this aisle is closed’

    If you visited a drugstore on Victoria Day, only to find that many of the aisles were cordoned off with police tape, rest assure that no crime had been committed. The Retail Business Holidays Act “strikes a balance between allowing businesses to remain open and providing consumers and employees with a common day of pause,” according to the Government of Ontario’s website. In an email to Yahoo Canada News, a representative with Shoppers Drug Mart explained that the act allows sections of stores to remain open in order to provide important products to its customers, like medicine.

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  • Stéfanie Trudeau, known as 'Officer 728,' to be sentenced Thursday

    Former Montreal police officer Stéfanie Trudeau, widely known as "Officer 728" because of her badge number, will learn this Thursday how much time, if any, she'll have to serve for assaulting a Montreal man four years ago. Judge Daniel Bédard heard sentencing arguments Tuesday in the case of Trudeau, who was found guilty of assault in February for using excessive force while arresting Serge Lavoie outside his home in 2012. Trudeau's lawyer, Jean-Pierre Rancourt, recommended either an absolute or conditional discharge, saying extensive media coverage of the case saw his client stigmatized.

  • Flashlight or Light Saber?

    This flashlight could be banned across the country for being too bright.

  • Finger lickin' gone? Saskatchewan people rally to save one of last KFC buffets

    Tubs of fried chicken breasts and drumsticks used to be served with perogies and rice, hot desserts and puddings. An all-you-can-eat buffet at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Weyburn, Sask. — believed to be the first of its kind in the country when it started in 1988 — is one of the last remaining smorgasbords still being served at the fast-food chain in Canada. Top brass from Yum Canada, the owner of KFC, were set to tour the Weyburn restaurant Wednesday, said Semen.

    The Canadian Press
  • Uber offers concessions to taxi industry in order to keep operating in Quebec

    Ride-hailing giant Uber is willing to temporarily suspend operations in Quebec in order to find common ground with the province and is prepared to offer various concessions, a company representative said Tuesday. Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, general manager of Uber Montreal, said the U.S.-based firm would charge clients taxes on every ride — at the source — which he said would provide state coffers with about $3 million a year. Uber says the bill, if enacted as is, would mean the end of the company's operations in Quebec.

    The Canadian Press
  • Canada could be pressed into reopening NAFTA, U.S. lawmaker says

    Canada might be forced to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement if the next U.S. president insists upon it, a Washington lawmaker said Tuesday. The California congressman said the northern neighbour is so trade-reliant on the U.S. that it couldn't easily ignore an American ultimatum on revising the deal. "We could walk away from NAFTA any time," said Darrell Issa, who sits on different congressional committees dedicated to intellectual property, foreign affairs and trade.

    The Canadian Press
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  • How often do newly married couples have sex?

    Tue, May 24: Jessica O’Reilly explains why some newly married couples have sex more often than others.

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  • Report to assess role of killer's 'cultural' background in Halifax shooting

    A judge has agreed to postpone a Halifax murderer's sentencing pending an assessment of whether his African-Nova Scotian background "played a role" in the crime. Kale Leonard Gabriel's defence team told a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge Tuesday it is preparing a "cultural assessment" on his racial background. The 27-year-old Gabriel was convicted in February of second-degree murder for the 2010 shooting of Ryan White, who was himself black, in the Mulgrave Park housing project.

    The Canadian Press
  • Gord Downie’s incurable cancer: 5 things about glioblastoma

    The Tragically Hip, announced Tuesday morning that lead singer Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer. Downie, 52, had a seizure in his hometown of Kingston, Ont.,  and as a result he was diagnosed in December with a deadly form of brain cancer. There are more than 120 types of brain and central nervous system tumours, according to the National Brain Tumour Society.

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  • The 10 Most Common Cancers

    See The Most Common Types of Cancer That Is Affecting American Men, Women and Children. Learn Who Is Most At Risk. Search For The Most Common Cancers

  • Toddlers break display at museum while adults stand by and film

    The original artwork titled ‘Angel Is Waiting’ by Shelly Xue was hanging in the Shanghai Museum of Glass, roped off from visitors. The barrier didn’t stop two kids from playing around with the sculpture, and neither did the adults with them, who stood by and filmed the youngsters.

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  • Burnaby house fire kills 8 dogs

    Several dogs have died from smoke inhalation after a house fire in Burnaby, B.C. Burnaby firefighters say they responded to a call from a home at 4911 Fulwell St. at about 8 p.m. PT. Eight dogs died at the scene after firefighters attempted to save them, he said, but two cats and a dog were taken to emergency care by a veterinarian who showed up on scene.

  • Tech billionaire Thiel backing wrestler Hogan's Gawker lawsuit: Forbes

    Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is helping wrestler Hulk Hogan bankroll his lawsuit against Gawker Media, according to a report in Forbes. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, in March won a $140 million jury verdict against Gawker in a privacy lawsuit stemming from a sex tape Gawker had published. Gawker, a New York-based website specializing in media and celebrity news, is appealing the verdict.

  • 9 Best Part Time Jobs for Retirees

    We compiled a list of 9 low stress jobs that let you earn a few bucks, while being enjoyable or even providing a sense of satisfaction/accomplishment.

  • NY man found not guilty of wife's death in 4th murder trial

    The ruling for Calvin Harris came almost eight weeks after Judge Richard Mott began hearing the nonjury trial. Prosecutors argued that Calvin Harris killed her when she came home to the Southern Tier estate they shared with their four children. Two previous guilty verdicts against Harris were overturned, and a third jury trial last year ended in a mistrial.

    The Canadian Press
  • Artist offers airbrush tattoos as a nice pick-me-up for children in hospital

    Artist Benjamin Lloyd has been tattooing kids for a few years. Watching their faces light up at the sight of their new ink recently gave Lloyd an idea: why not use his skills to give a much needed confidence boost to some kids that really needed it? The offer is making him famous in New Zealand.

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  • Back-to-back conventions bring thousands to Winnipeg

    Thousands of people will be getting a taste of Winnipeg as several large conventions run back-to-back over the next two weeks. Starting on Wednesday, the city will be hosting more than 5,000 delegates at the Centrallia 2016 convention, Liberal Party of Canada 2016 Biennial Convention, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual Conference and Tradeshow. On average there are 4.5 million visitors to Winnipeg.

  • Nate Diaz Is In Hot Water – McGregor Is Furious!

    Nate Diaz Is In Hot Water - McGregor is Furious, click here to read what he has to say!

  • Blinded UBC student to speak about attack that took her sight

    Rumana Monzur made headlines when she spoke out from her hospital bed about being brutally attacked and blinded by her husband in her home country of Bangladesh five years ago. Today, she is an advocate for women's rights and this Thursday she will deliver the keynote speech at the 20th annual Big Sisters Spring Lunch.

  • Winnipeg students get sobering look at drunk driving

    Students in Winnipeg got a sobering look at what can happen when you drink and drive. Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada hosted a screening of 24 Hours, a short film about drunk driving, at Elmwood High School on Tuesday morning. The video will be shown across the province and reach more than one million students across the country, MADD Canada National president Angeliki Souranis said.

  • A good running technique

    Fitness expert Karim El Hlimi explains and demonstrates what people need to know to have a good running technique.

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  • Kamloops woman still grieves after losing possessions in fire

    As families in Fort McMurray,White Rock and Saanich begin picking up the pieces after having their homes destroyed by fire, they will have to make tough decisions about the possessions they've lost. Lori Baris faced that dilemma in 2003. When the flames approached her home, the only things she could gather were some clothes and some of her photo albums, but she had to leave behind precious videos of her kids growing up.

  • Edmonton man becomes gosling guardian

    A gaggle of goslings were the most demanding neighbours Rob Heath has ever had.