• Farmer teaches a lesson to driver who blocked his driveway

    A video uploaded to YouTube shows a tractor picking up a red car after the vehicle was left blocking a farmer’s drive in the English countryside. The video was recorded by two women, who laugh constantly while the tractor slowly drives on, the small red car balanced in the forklift. “It’s the police’s problem now,” says the farmer, walking behind the tractor, after telling the women the car will be moved down the road.

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  • Fort McMurray wildfire approaches as Nova Scotians stuck in long car lineups

    Nova Scotian residents of Fort McMurray are frightened and panicked as a large wildfire encroaches on the northern Alberta city of 80,000 which is in the midst of being evacuated. "It's actually chaos right now," Murphy said. Murphy described an "orange glow" that could be seen outside the car's window.

  • Check out These B&A Pics!

    They totally toned up their abs using this new FDA Cleared Technology called The Flex Belt

  • America's neighbours, brace thyselves: You'll be dragged into bitter US election

    The very first words out of Donald Trump's mouth in the unofficial commencement of hostilities in the 2016 U.S. general election included a salvo pointed at a trade deal involving Canada. The presumptive Republican nominee had just dispatched his primary opponents, then pivoted toward his likely rival Hillary Clinton, and immediately linked her to NAFTA. "Her husband signed, perhaps in the history of the world, the single worst trade deal ever done.

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  • Norwegian navy officer has Internet swooning over his ‘Thor-like’ good-looks

    [Matberg isn’t afraid of sailing the high seas of good looks, based on his many selfies/Instagram]

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  • Winnipeg mom in a 'CFS nightmare' after someone calls in 'slapping' complaint

    A Winnipeg mom says she's living a 'CFS nightmare' amidst an investigation by the Child and Family Services System over complaints that she slaps her children across the face as discipline and has conflict in the home. Cynthia Ramos-Murray says her 11-year-old daughter was pulled out of class by a CFS social worker last Tuesday. Both reports, according to Ramos-Murray, are completely false.

  • 5 Ways to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

    The secret to managing type 2 diabetes doesn’t come in a pill. In most cases, these simple lifestyle changes will do the trick...

  • Fort McMurray wildfire: Why the fire engulfed the city within hours

    It was a perfect storm of conditions that allowed the wildfire in Fort McMurray to spread rapidly.

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  • The Latest: Police kill unarmed driver fleeing traffic stop

    PHILADELPHIA - The Latest on a police officer shooting during a Philadelphia traffic stop (all times local):

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  • Anti-ISIL ministers preach Iraqi political reconciliation ahead of Mosul moves

    Defence ministers from countries fighting Middle East militants, including Canada's Harjit Sajjan, are driving home a message of political reconciliation to Iraq's fractured leadership as plans take shape to liberate the country's largest city. Western nations fear Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be unable to keep sectarian rivals and Kurdish nationalists from turning on each other once Mosul is free from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Sajjan, attending meetings in Stuttgart, Germany, said ethnic and political divisions in Iraq are top of mind not only for western leaders, but for troops on the ground — including Canadian special forces operators advising Iraqi fighters.

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  • All-New Estate Homes Coming to Chantilly

    At Elk Ridge Estates, you can stay close & move up. Enjoy all the amenities of Loudoun County in a luxury home, priced from the low $700s to $1M.

  • B.C. Muslim Association limited to sponsoring 6 Syrian refugees despite having funds for 100

    The B.C. Muslim Association is frustrated that it can't sponsor more than six refugees — possibly just one Syrian family — despite having raised enough money to sponsor 100. "We have the funds, the manpower to do it and we have the expertise," said Shawkat Hasan, the vice-president of the B.C. Muslim Association.

  • Pregnant woman ineligible for Quebec health coverage gets reprieve

    The Chinese woman who was asked by the Quebec government to produce a $12,000 deposit for her upcoming childbirth has had Health Minister Gaétan Barrette intervene on her behalf. Liang Zhong had been picking up extra shifts at work to try to make the extra money needed to fund the birth of her child after Quebec wouldn't let her renew her government health coverage. Zhong has lived in Quebec since 2008 but recently had to switch her class of work permit due to the amount of time since she completed university.

  • Patrice Mailloux granted day parole after murder of Moncton teen

    A man who killed a teenage girl in a convenience store robbery in Moncton in 1987 has been granted day parole. Patrice Mailloux shot 16-year-old Laura Davis in the head when she was working at her family's convenience store on St. George Street. Mailloux was recently granted day parole and must live in a halfway house in Laval, Que., and follow a number of conditions.

  • 15 Athletes Who Have Dated Gorgeous Pop Stars

    They may be famous, but their other half is a superstar.

  • Fired employee kills co-worker, self at Houston-area company

    The man was armed with a shotgun and a pistol when he arrived at the Knight Transportation office in Katy, about 20 miles west of Houston, according to Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman. The man was heard by workers saying something to the effect of "you all ruined my life" as he walked through the building, and may have been looking for someone, sheriff's spokesman Ralph Gonzales said. Hickman had no information on how long the man had been employed by Knight Transportation, which provides truckload transportation services.

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  • Expo 86 evictions: remembering the fair's dark side

    Thirty years after Expo 86, Vancouverites still enjoy many of the benefits leftover from the fair including iconic buildings like Science World and Canada Place, as well as infrastructure like the SkyTrain and Cambie Street Bridge, but the fair also has a dark legacy. In the months leading up to the fair, more than a thousand low income residents in the city's Downtown Eastside were forced from their homes — single room occupancy hotels, or SROs — many with little more than a day or week's notice. Harcourt had several misgivings about Expo in the years it was being planned, but his concerns about who would ultimately cover the cost, issues with the transportation system, security plans and what would happen to the Expo grounds after the fair, were all resolved to his satisfaction.

  • Moncton parking lot owner challenges city to abide by own rules

    Thierry Le Bouthillier opened a state of the art parking lot in the downtown on Jan. 1, but he's having trouble competing with his neighbour — a city-owned gravel lot that is not up to code. Le Bouthillier invested $700,000 to build his 60-spot parking lot, complete with equipment imported from Italy, proper drainage, security lighting, landscaping, and LED screens. Le Bouthillier's lot is up to city building codes, but he says the city-owned lot next door at the corner of Lewis and Queen Streets  — which is dirt, with puddles and no proper entrances or exits — is not.

  • Best DIY Hair Color for Grays

    Feel like you're always fighting against the most stubborn grays? Try this: “I had stopped coloring my hair as nothing covered the gray. This worked!”

  • Deal of the century: Expo 86 land purchase changed Vancouver

    Viewed today, a Chinese tycoon's purchase of the Expo 86 lands may have set Vancouver down a path to becoming one of the world's most liveable — and expensive — cities. According to Forbes, the Hong Kong businessman is one of the richest men in Asia. Urban planning consultant Bob Ransford says the city changed forever.

  • Giant red zone: Fire danger extreme across Saskatchewan, Alberta

    As tens of thousands of residents flee from Fort McMurray, Alta., the threat of more fires continues to loom across Alberta and Saskatchewan. On May 4, Natural Resources Canada indicated that the risk of fire is "extreme" in the two provinces. The Canadian Wildland Fire Information System is a computer-based system that monitors fire danger conditions across Canada.

  • Video: Surfers caught off guard as huge wave flips boat

    There was little warning for a group of New Zealand surfers who were thrown from their boat by a large wave during a recent visit to the eastern coast of North Island. Dean, who recorded a video of the incident, described it as a “complete yard sale” after witnessing his friends’ boat being totally flipped over by the power of the wave. 

  • Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

    From diagnosis to remission, the fight never stops. Find resources to combat Advanced Stage Pancreatic Cancer. Search for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

  • Giant “HELP” sign saves stranded mother and daughter

    [Carolyn Lloyd made a sign reading ‘help’ from dead ferns, sticks, and stones/Amalgamated Helicopters]

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  • Laval parents say 7:45 a.m. is too early for school to start

    Parents in Laval say 7:45 a.m. is just too early to start school.

  • FBI: Man admits to contaminating food at Michigan stores

    A man is in custody after he admitted to spraying a contaminant that officials believe contained mouse poison on unpackaged food at several Michigan grocery stores, authorities said. An investigation indicated the man sprayed a mixture of hand sanitizer, water and mouse poison on produce and open food bars at three Ann Arbor stores within the last couple of weeks, the FBI announced Tuesday.

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  • Creative small businesses hit the global stage

    One Earth Designs tested its solar-powered stove by collaborating with Himalayan communities

  • Cost estimate of Los Angeles-area gas leak hits $665 million

    The estimated cost of a massive gas well blowout that spewed methane uncontrollably for nearly four months and uprooted 8,000 Los Angeles families has more than doubled to $665 million, Sempra Energy announced Wednesday. San Diego-based Sempra had estimated costs of $330 million in its annual report in February, but that was before courts forced its Southern California Gas Co. to continue paying to house thousands of relocated residents. SoCalGas has pointed out that public health agencies have found the air quality in the area has returned to normal, though many residents have continued to complain of maladies since the leak was capped in February.

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  • New federal rule would permit thousands of eagle deaths

    The Obama administration is revising a federal rule that allows wind-energy companies to operate high-speed turbines for up to 30 years, even if means killing or injuring thousands of federally protected bald and golden eagles. Under the plan announced Wednesday, wind companies and other power providers could kill or injure up to 4,200 bald eagles a year without penalty — nearly four times the current limit. Golden eagles could only be killed if companies take steps to minimize the losses, for instance, by retrofitting power poles to reduce the risk of electrocution.

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  • Will it be mama or papa, mommy or daddy? Experts explain babies' first words

    "My husband was in the room and we both were like, 'Oh my gosh, did he just say Mama?'" recalls Mulholland, adding that Conri seemed to be directing his call specifically at her. Conri has never said "Mama" again, even when babbling, sighs the 38-year-old Toronto resident. It's far from clear whether Conri understands what he's saying, but that hasn't stopped Mulholland's husband from revelling in the attention as Mother's Day approaches.

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  • Top 9 Ways To Prevent Cancer

    Cancer prevention is easier than you think. With a few simple lifestyle changes, you can drastically reduce your risk of many types of cancer...

  • After ships and planes, Chinese singers assert sea claims

    China's military has dispatched ships and planes — even constructed new islands to assert its maritime claims. Famed singer of patriotic anthems Song Zuying headlined a tour of China's man-made islands in the South China Sea's Spratly islands this week, underscoring Beijing's confidence in asserting its increasingly dominant position in the disputed region. "On stilted platforms in the South Sea, (China's) five-starred red flag flaps in the wind, I've tasted all types of bitterness in the South Sea, (but) the people's happiness is my pride and glory," the song continues.

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  • City of Chilliwack shocked by violent parking lot murder

    Wed, May 4: Chilliwack residents say they're fed up with crime in their city. As Rumina Daya reports, the city is reeling from a violent murder in a parking lot.

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