• The long-form census makes a comeback because it’s 2016

    The mandatory long-form census will return for Canadians this week, and with it, another step in the Liberal government’s dismantling of Stephen Harper’s legacy. Beginning on Monday, Statistics Canada will send census letters to all households, with May 10 designated as census day. The once-every-five-years census was a fairly low-key affair before 2010, when Harper shocked the research community by ending the long-form version of the survey.

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  • Sellers bypassing realtors for large savings

    Sun, May 1: With Real Estate prices on the rise in many parts of the country, particularly in Vancouver and Toronto many homeowners are looking to sell but that isn't always easy to do. You need to keep your realtor in the loop on scheduling viewings and that realtor is going to take a large chunk in commission. More and more homeowners are opting to do it themselves. Farah Nasser reports.

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  • Make Your Move to Linton at Ballenger

    Frederick County's most affordable, amenity-rich community of townhomes and townhome-style condominiums. Priced from the low $240s with no city taxes.

  • 'Year of the Gun' part 2 in Toronto?

    Sun, May 1: Gun violence is once again on the rise in Toronto. Both violence and deaths are significantly on the rise over last year. Today there is a police memorial taking place in Toronto to commemorate Toronto police services who are increasingly putting themselves in the line of fire and policing to try and curb the gun violence. Jennifer Tryon reports.

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  • Alberta RCMP mourn the loss of Constable Jeremy Perdue

    Sun, May 1: On Friday, Constable Jeremy Perdue lost his battle with cancer. He was 36-years-old. As Sarah Offin reports, officers and community residents in Turner Valley gathered Sunday to help Perdue's wife and the five children he left behind.

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  • Islamic students in Edmonton reach out with compassion to Attiwapiskat

    Sun, May 1: Students at an Edmonton Islamic school are making sure that the children of Attawapiskat know that they are not alone and that people thousands of KM away are thinking of them. They are creating cards to send to the reserve with messages from the children in Edmonton. Shallima Maharaj reports.

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  • Commemorating the Battle of the Atlantic

    Sun, May 1: Members of Canada's naval community are commemorating the 71st anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Atlantic today. It was the longest continuous battle in the Second World War, from 1939 to 1945. About 22 hundred Canadians died in the battle against the deadly German U-boats. Mike LeCouteur reports.

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  • Obama kills it in his last White House Correspondents' Dinner

    Sun, May 1: Saturday night was the last Obama administration White House Correspondents' dinner. He made some jokes, including one about Justin Trudeau. He also joked about the Democrats and the GOP all with the latest Indiana primaries looming. Aarti Pole reports.

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  • Hwy 344 crash in Quebec leaves 1 man dead, 1 critical

    Sun, May 1: Police are investigating following a single-vehicle crash in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil that left one man dead and another in critical condition.

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  • Focus Montreal: Donate to Skate

    Sun, May 1: Donate to skate is an annual fundraiser spearheaded by Terri-Anne Fielding that helps kids who can't afford to play hockey get into the game. Fielding was inspired to share her six-year-old son's passion for the game after his sudden passing in 2012.

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  • May Day marchers in Montreal ask for minimum wage hike

    Sun, May 1: Quebecers took to the streets of Montreal Sunday to mark International Worker's Day. Participants demanded better working conditions and called on the province to increase the minimum wage. Felicia Parrillo reports.

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  • Volunteer firefighter arrested in string of arson's

    Sun, May 1: A 19-year-old who fought alongside fire fighters to battle back a trestle blaze this week, has now been arrested and charged with 18 counts of arson. Julia Wong reports.

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  • The Best of Both Worlds.

    The 2015 Dodge Challenger Classic design meets powerful performance. Meet the Dodge Challenger. Your day just got a lot more interesting.

  • WWII veteran travels back to Halifax for wish of a lifetime, attends Battle of the Atlantic ceremony

    Sun, May 1: WWII veteran Lawrence Weldon, 90, travelled back to Halifax to take part in the Battle of the Atlantic ceremonies thanks to a charity that grants wishes to seniors. Rebecca Lau reports.

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  • Archaeological Society meets to discuss Sask. historical treasures

    Sat, April 30: The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society met over the weekend to discuss new findings on the 25,000 archaeological sites in the province. Jacqueline Wilson reports.

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  • Spring cleaning hits Mount Royal

    Sun, May 1: This year marks the 140th anniversary of Mount Royal and what better way to celebrate than to clean up.

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  • Leafs nation still celebrating first round draft win

    Sun, May 1: Members of Leafs nation are continuing to celebrate Saturday's draft lottery win. Erica Vella reports.

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  • Two dead in Turkey explosion

    Officials in Turkey say two police officers have been killed and more have been injured in a bombing close to the border with Syria.

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  • Obama jokes about Clinton and Trump

    President Obama makes jokes at the expense of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and critics of his healthcare plan at his final White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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  • Mazda USA

    Mazda ranked 4th in the 2015 Annual Auto Reliability Survey. Read More.

  • Should all children study RE?

    Head teachers are to discuss whether parents in England should be allowed to take their children out of religious education classes, on the grounds that it undermines the teaching of "British values".

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  • Precious three-minute hug on US border

    Six families get chance to hug as the US-Mexico border in California opens for 20 minutes.

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  • Community fridge, free food for all

    Villagers in Frome, Somerset are putting surplus food to good use by opening a community fridge, the first of its kind in the UK.

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  • Drive part-time, full-time, or anytime with Uber!

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  • 'Surge in anti-Semitic violence'

    There has been a surge in violence against Jewish people, according to a survey by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

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