‘A has-been scumbag’: Danny John-Jules reignites James Jordan feud

Danny John-Jules called James Jordan a 'scumbag'. (Getty Images)
Danny John-Jules called James Jordan a 'scumbag'. (Getty Images)

Danny John-Jules has reignited an old feud with James Jordan by branding him a "has-been" and a "scumbag".

The pair first fell out in 2018 when Death In Paradise actor John-Jules was starring as a contestant in Strictly Come Dancing, where Jordan had found fame as a pro dancer.

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Jordan had already left the show but is known for his no-holds-barred commentary on Twitter during the series and offended John-Jules with a tweet calling his mum "miserable" as she watched his dance off from the studio audience.

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Danny John-Jules danced with Amy Dowden on 'Strictly'. (BBC)

In the now-deleted tweet, Jordan wrote that the actor's mother, who was 82 and had Alzheimer's disease, looked "as miserable as him", sparking a flurry of outraged replies from John-Jules and his wife Petula Langlais.

Asked by Express.co.uk where his inspiration had come from in playing villain Sir Leigh Teabing in a new theatre adaptation of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, John-Jules implied he had looked to Jordan.

He said: "He had the nerve to go on social media to say that my 85-year-old mum with dementia looked miserable.

Ola and James on Strictly Come Dancing in 2009. (PA Images)
James Jordan and his wife Ola found fame on 'Strictly'. (PA Images)

"That scumbag. The has-been, never-been, could-have-been… What’s his name? Apparently he’s a dancer…

"It’s easy for me to play villainous characters because I’ve come in contact with enough of them."

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At the time that the comments about John-Jules' mother were made, his wife Langlais had tweeted at Jordan: "Out of order! Attacking an elderly woman who has done nothing to you! You know nothing about our personal lives! That is below the belt!!! Love and light to you."

Jordan, who deleted the original tweet, replied: "I just stated facts… said what everyone was thinking. Not attacking anyone. She did look miserable when the camera was on her, but I'm sure she is a lovely lady. No malice intended. But everyone gets offended over everything nowadays."

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Danny John-Jules was offended by Jordan's tweets. (BBC)

John-Jules tweeted: "So you take the p*** out of an 82 YO woman with Alzheimers #BigMan."

The pair also exchanged words over Jordan publicly sharing a private message Langlais had sent him about rumours that John-Jules had fallen out with his pro dance partner Amy Dowden, something that he and Dowden had denied, and telling him to "save your judgement".

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