Aaron Kwok celebrates 56th birthday, wife shares blissful family photo

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Aaron Kwok celebrated his 56th birthday with his family at home. (Photo: Weibo/1594600804)
Aaron Kwok celebrated his 56th birthday with his family at home. (Photo: Weibo/1594600804)

One of Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings”, Aaron Kwok turned 56 on Tuesday (26 October), and had celebrated his birthday with his family at home. His wife Moka Fang shared snippets of the celebration, showcasing their blissful family on her Instagram and Weibo.

Fang wrote in her Instagram post, “A very happy day for our family.” Displaying as the first photo in the carousel post is a joyous shot of the couple and their two daughters, with three birthday cakes in the foreground, and celebratory balloons in the background.

In an event Kwok attended yesterday (27 October), he shared that his birthday wish was to be healthy and that everything would go well. He also hoped that the pandemic would be over soon, and wished for world peace.

The Hong Kong star even revealed that during his birthday celebration, his young daughter had learned how to sing the birthday song, and he liked it a lot. “My whole family loves me. There’s a big change for me since I have a family. I feel so blessed,” he said.

Kwok disclosed that his daughter would even dance Baby Shark with him. When she listened to his songs and recognised his voice, she would smile even though she had not heard them before. Father of two, Kwok was very happy that his daughters had a sense of art. He also hoped that his daughters could watch the movies he had filmed when they grew older.

Furthermore, the actor-singer divulged that he would be filming a new movie next month with a new director. The movie is a comedy with a splash of black humour, and Gordon Lam and Richie Jen would be his co-actors. Kwok said that he would be taking on an unprecedented role of a robber, and felt that it was very refreshing. There would also be a gunfight scene at Hong Kong’s tourist hotspot Temple Street.

When asked whether he would be taking a pay cut in this new movie, Kwok said magnanimously, “I don’t talk about pay. I support local movies and new directors. Most importantly, the script has moved me, and it is a role that I’ve never tried before. There’s a big breakthrough in the appearance, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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