Aaron Rodgers stunned after all three ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants fail to answer Packers question

While “Jeopardy!” producers have been singing guest-host Aaron Rodgers praises since he started last week, the Green Bay Packers quarterback couldn’t help but take it personally when all three contestants dropped the ball on an easy clue Tuesday.

Under the category of Title Waves, Rodgers read the $400 clue, “In the 1960’s these midwesterners earned 5 NFL Championship trophies.” Rodgers was shocked that none of the contestants even attempted the correct answer, which was of course the Green Bay Packers.

Viewers couldn’t believe the contestants missed the clue either, and several loved the tight-spiralled shade Rodgers threw at them. In fact, his response even reminded some fans of former host Alex Trebek. One person tweeted, “Aaron Rodgers was as disappointed with the contestants missing a Green Bay Packers clue as Trebek was when they missed a Canada one.”