Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reveals Mistaken Identity Landed Him Oliver Stone Film 'Savages'

Aaron Taylor-Johnson stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and revealed that a case of mistaken identity helped him land a defining role in his career. Taylor-Johnson said that while he prides himself on being an extremely versatile actor, occasionally he has been “mistaken for other actors as well.”

Taylor-Johnson cited one particular instance of mistaken identity, explaining, “The worst time was actually Oliver Stone, [for] Savages — it was the first time I actually got a straight-up offer for a role, especially for a leading role.” Taylor-Johnson said he didn’t know there was any confusion until Stone introduced him to the rest of the cast.

Stone raved about a role he had seen Taylor-Johnson play in the movie 21, which Taylor-Johnson was not in. Not wanting to embarrass Stone, Taylor-Johnson he walked away, thinking, “He thought I was Jim Sturgess.” Taylor-Johnson added, “Jim Sturgess did a fantastic job, and I got the job for Savages.”

Taylor-Johnson said that he never told Stone about the case of mistaken identity. And as for Sturgess, Taylor-Johnson, said, “I should really thank Jim for that. I’ve never met him either, but anyway. …”

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