Abbotsford police post sobering PSA on impaired driving

Abbotsford police released an impaired driving PSA this week to promote road safety. Video still from YouTube

The Abbotsford Police Department wants the public to know the impact and dangers of impaired driving and are sharing a sobering video to emphasize that point.

The video, which was posted on YouTube, and time-stamped September 26, 2015, shows surveillance footage of an intersection at night. A group of people are seen crossing the street as a car comes barreling towards them at full speed.

“Planning on drinking this weekend,” it reads across the bottom of the screen. “Planning for a safe ride home?”

The group crossing the street scatters in all directions as the high-speed car bears downs on them. It then collides, head-on, with a truck, and sparks fly from the impact. The truck bounces off the road, nearly tipping over.

“Or just waiting for the shoe to drop,” the text reads, as a circle identifies a stray shoe that’s flown out of one of the vehicles. “Impaired driving has life changing consequences.”

People in the video are then seen scrambling around the scene of the accident. It ends with a reminder: Stay Alert. Slow Down. Think Safe.

In the clip’s accompanying text, the APD explain that they released the video to illustrate the dangers of impaired driving. It adds that miraculously, only one man was hospitalized as a result of the crash, but he managed to recover.