Academy stays home on the driving range

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Adelaide Metcalfe council unanimously accepted another extension of the temporary zoning amendment that allows the Peter Boyce Academy and driving range to exist on agriculturally-zoned land.

The property at the corner of Highway 81 and Townsend Line has a three-hole practice course, 8,000-square-foot putting green, and nine target greens.

Peter Boyce has been the owner of the academy since 1999.

“All we’re trying to do is create a facility to allow people to learn the game and enjoy. And the last two years with the pandemic we’ve seen nothing but a lot of families and little kids, and we’ve got three or four little practice holes so they can get the kids out at no charge and we just let them play and they learn the game. That’s what it’s all about,” said Boyce.

Co-owner Brenda Pedden-Boyce explained why they do not apply to just permanently rezone the place.

“Because I’m involved in agriculture, I couldn’t see going through any regulations to change it from agriculture because when my days are up and the land is there, and Peter’s not here anymore, it can be turned back into agriculture because it’s right in the middle of agriculture,” she explained.

Among users of the academy are teen golf star Taylor Kehoe, who is on Golf Canada’s national amateur squad and is headed to the University of Alabama next year.

It was a swing and a miss for the bid on a tendered drain extension that extended the Township wallet a bit too much for council’s liking.

The offer from JLH Excavating to extend the Carruthers-McFarlane drain for $67,522 was unanimously denied. It was the only bid, but was over double the $32,160 estimated cost determined by Spriet and Associates.

Notice of tenders for the extension of the drain were issued Sept. 30 to the list of contractors that have completed work for the Township in the past. The tenders were closed on Oct. 19.

Council agreed with drainage superintendent Andrew Neely’s recommendation to request some more quotes.

“I would approach contractors and say please submit a bid,” explained Neely at the Nov. 15 council meeting.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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