Accession Proclamation Ceremony Held in Regina

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Throughout the upcoming days numerous acts of official protocol will be carried out that many will have never witnessed before. The first of which was the Proclamation of the Accession of the King. Saturday saw governments around the world going through the accepted protocol to proclaim the new Head of State, with the first in London itself. This ceremony is the formal method of sharing the news of a new sovereign taking the throne upon the death of the previous monarch.

A ceremony similar to what was held at St James Palace in London, occurred at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on the morning of Saturday, September 10th when Gov. Gen Mary Simon met with Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet to sign an order-in-council and a proclamation of accession which officially announced the Queen's death and proclaimed King Charles III as Canada's new monarch. The proclamation was then read aloud in both official languages by Canada's Chief Herald Samy Khalid and followed by a 21-gun salute.

In Regina an Accession Proclamation Ceremony was held at Government House. During the ceremony, Premier Scott Moe advised the Lieutenant Governor, as His Majesty's Representative in the province, to issue a statement under the Great Seal of the Province of Saskatchewan announcing the death of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the accession of His Majesty King Charles III. The ceremony held in Saskatchewan affirms the importance of the Crown in the provincial context. Flags at all Government of Saskatchewan buildings which had been lowered to half-mast after the Queen’s passing, were raised to full-mast for the day of the Proclamation of the Accession of the King and will return to half-mast until the day of the memorial service.

In the United Kingdom, the Queen's death triggers an official 12-day period of national mourning, while Canada has a 10-day period. Much of how Canada marks the Queen's passing will be up to the current government. At some point, over the next few days, according to the Manual of Official Procedure of the Government of Canada, the government will issue a declaration regarding the period of official mourning.

For many here in Canada, as in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth was the only monarch they have ever known and the transition to a King instead of a Queen will take getting used to. She was as many have stated a constant in our lives, that wise and steady “grandmotherly” person who for years seemed as if she would never fade.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wakaw Recorder