Accused in Dorothy Woods death released on bail

David Woods, the Saskatoon man accused of killing his wife, is free on bail while he awaits his murder trial.

Woods, 49, was charged with first-degree murder in January in the death of Dorothy "Dot" Woods, whose body was found in a culvert near Blackstrap Lake.

Dorothy Woods had been missing since she was last seen at her home on Nov. 12.

A Saskatoon court released David Woods on bail Monday afternoon, after his mother posted a $10,000 surety as a condition of his release.

Woods faces a number of restrictions, including house arrest and electronic monitoring. He is expected to return to his job at a potash mine, but he most otherwise stay in his home.

Woods can request permission to leave the house for other occasions, but he must be supervised by his mother or his adult son in those cases, the court ruled.

Woods will have access to only one cellphone, which will come with a device that will track the phone numbers of his incoming and outgoing calls.

The court also imposed a list of people Woods must not contact. He will return to court later this month to work out contact arrangements involving their two younger children.

David Woods's preliminary hearing begins in October.

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