Accused in Jamie Leard case now jointly charged with first-degree murder

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Jamie Leard, 38, of Upper Cape, east of Moncton, was reported missing on May 28. (RCMP/Submitted - image credit)
Jamie Leard, 38, of Upper Cape, east of Moncton, was reported missing on May 28. (RCMP/Submitted - image credit)

The two men charged in the homicide of Jamie Leard of Upper Cape now face a joint charge of first-degree murder.

That means there will be one preliminary hearing for Henry Alexander Joseph Pottie, 37, and Sean Patrick Patterson, 28, and one trial if the matter proceeds.

Pottie and Patterson appeared separately in provincial court in Moncton on Wednesday, by phone from jail.

Patterson is represented by lawyer Jason Dempsy, while Pottie is represented by lawyer Sylvain Pelletier.

Both lawyers were in court and told Judge Luc Labonté they would like a preliminary inquiry, which would determine if there is enough evidence to try their clients.

The Crown and the lawyers agreed a preliminary inquiry would take five days.

The case was adjourned until Monday, July 12, to give the two lawyers and the Crown a chance to come up with a date that works for all involved.

Shane Magee/CBC
Shane Magee/CBC

RCMP originally said Leard, 38, was last seen May 26 in Upper Cape, about 83 kilometres east of Moncton on the Northumberland Strait, where he lived. However, an updated charge alleges he was killed a day before.

He was reported missing May 28 and his abandoned car was found later that day in Springhill, N.S. Police described his disappearance as suspicious.

Human remains were found on June 3 near an abandoned mobile home in Coburg, about 20 kilometres west of Leard's home.

RCMP said an autopsy wasn't able to definitively identify the remains, so DNA testing is taking place. RCMP are still awaiting results.

Police say, however, that they have enough evidence to say that Leard was killed.

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