ACOA funding will help build new ATV trail, splash pad

ACOA funding will help build new ATV trail, splash pad

A new 47-kilometre ATV trail is expected to be ready for the summer because of funding help from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the P.E.I. government.

ATV trail  

"This grant that we got from ACOA is basically going to be used to make bridges, signage to put through the trails and we're going to get a mulcher to come and take the stumps out and stuff like that, just to make it a little bit smoother for people to drive in," said Evangeline ATV Club president J.P. Gallant.

ACOA provided $29,607 for work on the new trail — a loop from Richmond to Tyne Valley — and to build an addition to the group's clubhouse. The province also provided $11,860 for the project.

In total, ACOA announced on Wednesday $382,774 in funding for 11 community projects that involve upgrading, renovating and expanding existing social infrastructure in western parts of P.E.I. The province is also contributing $16,860 toward three projects.

Tignish's Bicentennial Park 

The town of Tignish also received funding for a splash pad and walking track at Bicentennial Park. 

Chancey Gaudette, the town's office manager and a mother of four, came up with the idea to improve the park with the additions. 

"With a splash pad, I would hope it will draw more people into the park — getting people active with the walking track and they can leave their kids to play while they enjoy the walking track," she said.

ACOA is providing $55,816 toward the project, which is costing the town about $117,000. The town has been fundraising for the project through community events and sporting tournaments, but without the ACOA funding, Gaudette said the town couldn't have done the upgrades.

Other recipients

Other ACOA recipients include:

- $97,510 to the Royal Canadian Legion in Tignish for upgrades to its building and facilities

- $49,537 to the Community of Miscouche for renovations to the community centre and skate park upgrades

- $33,050 to the Municipality of Miminegash to expand the community centre and improve accessibility

- $29,893 to the Wellington Boys and Girls Club for clubhouse renovations

- $26,962 to the Town of Alberton for skate park and fire department upgrades

- $18,052 to the Palmer Road Columbus Club for community centre and parking lot upgrades

- $15,100 to the O'Leary Centennial Museum and Library Association to stabilize Leard's Grist Mill

- $13,897 to West Point Development Corp. to renovate and preserve the West Point Lighthouse

- $13,350 to Northport Development Inc. for repairs to the Northport Pier Inn

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