'Active' storm pattern to continue in Eastern Canada

Parliament Hill and the Ottawa skyline are seen as the Ottawa River churns underneath Portage Bridge, which connects Ottawa and Gatineau, on Sunday, April 28, 2019. Rising water levels have contributed to flooding on both sides of the river. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP)

As many areas in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick continue to fight with historic levels of flooding, an “active” weather system is still on the horizon for many of these flood zones.

“The first real storm that we’re going to see starts tonight and then into tomorrow across southern Ontario, perhaps into far southern Quebec as well,” Steve Travis, meteorologist with AccuWeather tells Yahoo Canada.

This storm also has the potential to bring some mixed snow and rain to this area, particularly around the Ottawa region, but that shouldn’t stretch farther north than Montreal.

Travis anticipates 10 to 30 mm of rain in the Toronto area into the evening on Wednesday, with accumulation amounts possibly reaching 50 mm in some areas between Toronto and Montreal. People around the Montreal area should expect a lighter but steady rainfall on Wednesday.

In terms of temperatures, southern Ontario is expected to see some drastic differences. AccuWeather is projecting a high of 9 C for the Toronto region, while areas south of the city will be in the mid-teens. The weather forecaster predicts a high of 19 C on Wednesday around the city of London.

Moving to Friday and into the weekend, another round of rain will come in with some milder air.

“It does look like, although we’re going to see a few rain opportunities, we will warm up towards the end of the week,” Travis said.

Farther east, it looks like the bulk of these storms don’t get quite as far as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick but Travis expects the storms could bring some rain to those areas as well.

Still snow potential in the Prairies

This active weather system on Wednesday will stay south and east of the Prairies, but there is a storm on the horizon for Thursday into Friday for this region.

“It looks like that could bring some rain to at least southern Alberta, southern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba,” Travis said. “It’s not out of the question that there’s even a little bit of snow mixed in on Thursday or Friday, and that could reach Edmonton and Calgary.”

Temperatures on Wednesday across much of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are expected to stay fairly uniform, around 10 C. Milder air is anticipated to make an appearance on Thursday with a few areas increasing to 15 C. But according to Travis, the colder air comes back around for the weekend.

“Beyond Friday and into Saturday, it actually might get quite cold there,” Travis said. “It doesn’t look like any real heavy rainfall there, I’d say at least through the weekend, I think any rain that falls will be quite light.”