Actor Steve Coogan praised for defending passengers on 'ridiculously overcrowded' train

Ben Arnold

Actor Steve Coogan (I’m Alan Partridge, Night at the Museum, The Trip) stuck up for passengers on his train journey to London Wednesday morning.

One commuter grabbed video of Coogan in an exchange with the train’s conductor, who was telling passengers they could not stand in the first-class carriages on the “ridiculously overcrowded” train, which saw people packing the aisles.

“He was saying that it was outrageous that they should face any penalty and that they should have somewhere to sit,” another passenger told the Daily Mail of the British star, who had a seat in first class.

“He was being very chivalrous defending the other passengers. There was one woman who was being told to leave even though she had a lot of luggage and wanted to stay with her bags.

“The train was ridiculously overcrowded with people packed into the aisles, and a few passengers had wandered into the first-class carriage simply to find a seat or somewhere a little bit more comfortable to stand.”

Steve Coogan was praised for defending his fellow passengers on a train to London. (Photo: PA)

Though Coogan can be seen in the video, his conversation is not audible, other than him telling the guard he was “not being pragmatic.”

Unfortunately, the actor’s efforts were in vain.

“The outcome was that the passengers were forced to leave anyway,” an onlooker shared.

“There was a ticket inspector and a guard in the carriage. The guard said to the other passengers, ‘I don’t think the ticket inspector realizes who [Coogan] is.’”

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