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Actress, author and talk show host Drew Barrymore shares her current obsessions

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Drew Barrymore shares her favorite long-lasting lipstick and other must-haves she can’t live without.

Video Transcript

DREW BARRYMORE: Hi, I'm Drew Barrymore, and I'm just sharing a couple of my favorite things with you guys at New in the Queue.


Whether it's a beauty company I'm the founder of, or designing for Beautiful, or writing a book, I just want to, at the end of the day, to be something that works for someone else. I do study a lot of what other brands are doing. And I do consume, and I buy a lot of products, but I tend to wear a predominantly Flower. I love what we developed and I get really attached to it. Also they're very performance driven and they're high innovation, and in beauty that is the name of the game.

So this is called Powder Play. It's a long lasting lipstick, and it goes on really nice and creamy. Wait, are you ready? This is the coolest part about it. So this is what I just put on my lips. It's powder. But that transforms when it touches skin into a cream based formula. This is my new obsession.

I have a company called Beautiful where I design and develop, and right now we're in electronics and kitchen. We have a new hand mixer that I'm obsessed with. I love the weight of it. I love the look and feel. It's elegant, it comes in our color palettes, and I bake a lot with my kids. This is a game changer for me.

Quorn is a micro protein company that has no soy. I love this brand. I'm chief mom officer, the cutest title in the world.

Quorn tastes just like chicken, but even better. It sustains you and our planet.

If you have kids that love Nuggets, or you do, these are the best ones. They don't even know it's not chicken. Whenever I do make it for the kids, I end up eating a lot as well. It is delicious. It is healthy for you. For me, I haven't eaten chicken in 13 years. And I feel like I have it back in my life.

The Mananalu water. Jason Momoa's water, I drink six to eight a day. I'm trying to do on certain days like 100 ounces a day. It is so hard. You feel like you're drinking water all day long, and you'll never make it to that end mark. His water makes me get there. And if you put them in the fridge, the metal gets so cold, and it just feels like a spa water. It's also sustainable aluminum water. They're much more likely to be ecologically responsible. I order it like a maniac. I'm obsessed, it's all I drink.

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