Adam Eaton's son has adorable hockey skills and knows how to celebrate

Adam Eaton’s son, Brayden, may have a future in hockey. (Instagram/@adam_eaton2)
Adam Eaton’s son, Brayden, may have a future in hockey. (Instagram/@adam_eaton2)

The kids of baseball players don’t always have to become baseball players themselves. Even if they’re athletically gifted, there’s a whole wide world of sports out there to choose from. Brayden Eaton, the toddler son of Washington Nationals outfielder Adam Eaton, already seems to be showing some virtuosity at hockey.

This kid has some game. He takes the puck right to the net and shoots it into the hole on the right side. He’s young, but he knew exactly what to do. And then there’s the celebration, which is arguably even better than the goal itself. He immediately raises his hands over his head, and then runs to his grandmother for a big hug (according to the hashtag #huggrandma on the post).

After the hug you can hear Brayden let out a cheer, and then his dad says three awesome words: “Give me noggin.” Then little Brayden walks over to his dad and they do a little head bump! Seriously, “give me noggin” is amazing and should become a ritual in the Nationals’ dugout this season. (Gently, of course.)

Eaton himself is a huge hockey fan, and it’s clear he’s already taught Brayden to love hockey and how to play the game. But if Eaton is still hoping to get one of his kids interested in baseball, he has another chance.

Eaton and his wife, former softball player Katie Eaton, are expecting a boy in 2018! Congratulations to the whole family on the upcoming new arrival, and of course on Brayden’s fantastic hockey skills.

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