Addison Rae Ad-Libbed Her Iconic Scream On Charli XCX's “Von Dutch” Remix

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Addison Rae continues to dip her toe into pop girl stardom after partnering with Charli XCX for the remix of all remixes.

The TikTok star-turned-actor-and-singer recently collaborated with Charli XCX on the musician's newest hit, “Von Dutch (Remix)," alongside producer A.G. Cook. Charli released the original single at the end of February, which will be on her forthcoming album Brat — set to be released this summer. To make things even more exciting, Charli tapped Rae to hop on the remix and give her own spin on things.

“Linked with Addison on Melrose/ Bought some cute clothes and wrote this in the studio,”Charli sings.

“While you're sittin' in your dad's basement/ Bet you're disappointed that I'm shinin'/ I'm just living that life,” Rae sings.

At one point in the song, Rae let out a high-pitched scream that made it to the final cut. Charli posted a TikTok on Friday showing both her and Rae in the studio recording the track and filmed the moment Rae decided to let out the scream.

“The moment Addison did this during ad libs,” Charli wrote on the TikTok. “One take. none of us knew it was coming.”

As Rae is screaming in the recording studio, Charli is shown dancing and bopping around on the other side of the glass — seemingly giving her approval.

This isn't the first time Addison Rae and Charli XCX teamed up — last summer, Charli hopped on the remix of Rae's song “2 Die 4." The song was initially leaked online, but Rae decided to release a 5-track EP last summer that she candidly dubbed her “lost album.” The track did not originally have Charli XCX on it, but the official release featured the pop star.

Charli XCX threw a wild rave in Brooklyn's iconic Boiler Room at the end of last month — with reports of lines wrapped around the block to get in. Charli invited Rae and Julia Fox, among others, to join her on stage as she DJed and danced the night away. Rae got on stage to dance to “2 Die 4” after Fox performed an original song of hers, “Down The Drain.”

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