Adorable baby groundhogs eat apples in the warm spring sunshine

Groundhog babies (often called gophers) are among the cutest little furballs on earth. They are born in an underground burrow in the winter, kept warm by their mother as she hibernates in her den until the snow melts. She has eaten constantly throughout the summer to store enough fat for herself and her babies to feed on for several months. The babies nurse on her milk and grow quickly in the den so that they are ready to emerge in spring and join their mother in the sunshine. These groundhogs are now starting to eat grass and other foods, following their mother as they venture out and around their little meadow. They will no go far from the entrance to the burrow and they will run for cover at the slightest sign of trouble. They still rely on her for milk, but they will also begin to eat the same foods she does as her milk supply, and her tolerance for their nursing diminishes. Many have associated groundhogs with the arrival of spring and folklore tells us that the warmer weather will only come if the groundhog does not see its shadow. Although groundhogs and gophers are actually different species, many use the names interchangeably. They look similar and have many of the same behaviours, although they are different ion many ways. These little cuties are snacking on apple slices that were left by their burrow entrance. You can actually hear the little one smacking his lips as he munches away happily. When he sees the camera posted by the snack, he cannot help but investigate as curiosity gets the best of him.