Adorable baby taking her first steps will melt your heart

Everybody who has children or grandchildren will likely remember the thrill of their first adorably clumsy attempts at walking. It's one of life's biggest moments and one that is talked about for years afterwards. As they grow, children love to hear about their first steps as well, wondering how old they were and how long it took to master this important skill. And for most of us, this is really when independence began to take shape. When we were able to get to our feet and move more quickly than we ever had, it was more than just steps across the room, or across the yard; it was the first steps toward freedom. This baby is too cute for words. Here, her family watches in amazement as she learns to take her first steps. Excel is 11 months old and she has just found her balance to walk for the first time in her life. She and her family live in Nigeria and they are understandably proud of Excel. Most parents remember many other big milestones in their children's lives, but few are as memorable as the first words and the first steps. This pride and this joy are universal. No matter where you are from, these are the days that are never forgotten. Excel has picked a beautiful and sunny day to try out her legs. One month before her first birthday, it seemed like it might be a bit early, but Excel has enough determination that she won't let a few falls discourage her. Her mother and her uncles cheered Excel on as she staggered and walked, getting better by the minute. The look of happiness on her face is heart warming as she becomes fully mobile for the first time. But now, Excel's family will find that life has suddenly gotten busier for them as they struggle to keep up with her and keep her out of mischief.

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