These Adorable Bear Cubs Held Hands While Their Mum Hunted For Fishy Dinner

When you’re young it can be agonising waiting for your mum to cook dinner - even if you’re a bear.

This pair of adorable cubs were pictured holding hands as they watched their mum wade into the water to find them all a tasty fish supper.

Lewis Kemper spotted the family scene while leading a photography tour at Lake Clark National Park in Alaska earlier this month and quickly captured the moment.

No joy: The mother bear failed to find a fish for dinner (Caters)

He revealed: “I was standing about 20 feet away from the two cubs – bears in the area are used to human presence and do not mind us.”

However, the mother bear came back empty-pawed, disappointing her two young cubs.

Alternatives: The cubs had to make do with grass or plants that day (Caters)

Lewis added: “The two bears held hands for around 20 seconds, hoping their mother would bring them some dinner but unfortunately, she came back fishless.

“Although bears love their fish, most of them are omnivores and mainly eat plants and of course, a lot of grass.”

There’s aways fish Fridays.

Top pic: Caters