Adorable Dog Sneaks Into ‘America's Got Talent’ Finals, Thanks Simon Cowell

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Sara Carson and her adorable dog, Hero, nearly didn’t make it past the audition for America’s Got Talentbut they were able to sneak into the show’s finals. Previously, judge Simon Cowell had to beg the other judges to reconsider letting Carson and Hero through.

On Tuesday’s episode, the pair amazed everyone. They reworked their routine around a bank-robber theme. Carson made Hero belly-crawl, dance on his hind legs backward, and perform backflips off her body.

This time the judges wowed the judges including guest judge Chris Hardwick, who exclaimed, “The dog is a cat burglar!”

Simon Cowell vowed to fight for the pair and without prompting Hero dashed into the audience and next to Cowell. Thankfully, Carson and Hero took one of the final seven spots in the competition.

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