Adorable lion cub pulls brother's tail when mom isn't looking

Baby lions are some of the most adorable creatures on this planet. This video shows just how cute they really are when three male lion cubs become playful, with one brother deciding it’s a good time to practice his hunting skills on his brother’s tail. During this time their mother was lying passed out in the background, taking a well-deserved nap. The African lion is known as the king, the one that rules the savannah plains of Africa. Lions are the top predators in Africa and feared by prey animals and man. While these fearsome animals leave you with an adrenaline rush every time encountered in the wild, it is a totally different story when one is lucky enough to encounter lion cubs in the wild. These adorable baby animals immediately make lions go from scary and dangerous predators to cute little furballs, creating a sight filled with heart-warming moments and a cuteness overload experience. During a safari in the Kruger National Park, we were fortunate enough to come across a pride of lions which included three adorable male cubs. We were totally amazed by our find and decided to spend time with the lions. Most of the pride was resting and the mother of the pride looked totally passed out with some of her feet up in the air. As youngsters do while their parents try to rest, the lion cubs became full of energy and decided it was time to play. One of the lion cubs stole the show and made for the funniest and cutest part of the playtime. While playing around, this lion cub decided it was a good time to grab hold of his brother’s tail, acting like he was catching something. Lion cubs love biting, pulling and chewing on things when they are young as it simulates the actions and skills needed for hunting live prey when they grow older. His brother’s moving tail made the perfect target and the pulling and biting continued all while mommy was fast asleep in the back ground. The lion cub looked like he was going to drag his brother around by the tail and it was so cute and funny to watch the whole time. The lion cub that had his tail in his brother’s mouth decided he had to get his tail released and in a playful manned started wrestling his brother for his tail. Soon the tail was released and the lion cub went straight for the other brother’s tail. This adorable type of playfulness continued for a few more minutes until the cubs lost interest in their game and went to lie down to rest. The large lioness never even opened one eye to see what was going on, from our arrival until our departure. She must have been totally exhausted. We left the sighting full of joy and a warm feeling of gratefulness for the one of the cutest moments ever in the African wild.