Adorable little girl mistakes water heater for robot

A little girl who fell in love with a discarded water heater, which she mistook for a robot, is melting hearts across the internet.

Video of the touching moment has gone viral after being shared on Reddit. It shows the girl looking up at the abandoned appliance, which stands at the end of the road on a cul-de-sac.

A little girl can’t contain her excitement after her discovery. Photo from YouTube.

“Hi wobot,” she repeats enthusiastically, waving up at the towering machine, which does vaguely resemble a robot.

Despite the lack of response from her beloved new friend, the little girl isn’t deterred and gives it a big hug. Looking back at the camera, she smiles widely.

“I wove you robot,” she says twice, before getting distracted by a nearby manhole.

Commenters on the video couldn’t hold back their adoration for the little girl’s lovable innocence.

“Even my icy, child disliking heart was momentarily melted by the adorableness of this video,” wrote ShinGallon.

Some people said they mistakenly thought the water heater was a robot, too.

“So cute,” wrote fpetes. “Okay I’ll admit it. It took me like 7 seconds before I realized this wasn’t some home made robot.”

It just goes to show that one man’s trash is another child’s beloved new best friend!