Adorable seal captured cuddling a stuffed replica of itself

A young seal with a plush toy at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’’s Hokkaido district. Photo from Twitter/mombetsu_land

An adorable seal is melting hearts across the internet after being caught smitten with a plush toy.

The sweet mammal lives at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido district, where it was recently snapped hugging a stuffed replica of itself. In one photo, the young seal is lying on its back in the snow, happily clutching the plush toy. In another photo, it is on its belly with the look-alike toy seal perched on its back.

In a video posted to Twitter, the seal is seen clapping its fins while the plush toy rests on its back.

In another video without the plush toy, the seal imitates its handler who stretches out her arms.

Several tweets of the seal by Mombetsu Land have gone viral. It just goes to show that every cute animal needs a small cuddly version of itself.