Adorably clumsy puppies play on a log in the forest

These are puppies that were born to a wonderful mother named Stella. She is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog with a very gentle disposition and a lovely face. Their father, Dexter is a strapping and handsome Maremma. Stella and Dexter escaped on a warm spring day and they found some time to be alone for long enough to begin a little family. A few months later, Stella gave birth to these nine fluffy puppies, and she could not have been happier.

The puppies and their parents live on a farm in Ontario that borders a beautiful forest. The dogs have acres of meadow, woodlands, and streams to explore. Their owners are kind and loving people. It's no surprise that the puppies are also growing up to be beautiful and good natured. They spend their days sleeping, playing, exploring, and drinking milk. Very soon, they will all go to their carefully selected forever families. But for now, they are living the carefree life, doing what puppies do.

These pups have found a log to climb on and a stuffed dog to play with. They adorably chew on branches, fall off the log, and fall over each other. They will play like this for hours until they run out of energy and they begin to get sleepy. Then they will nap almost anywhere they can get comfortable. Life with nine puppies like these is busy. They don't stop for long and they are hard to keep track of. Dexter and Stella are devoted parents who do their best to keep track of them all.