Advance polls for Cornwall-Meadowbank byelection close with final vote to come Monday

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District 16 residents head to the polls Monday. (Kirk Pennell/CBC - image credit)
District 16 residents head to the polls Monday. (Kirk Pennell/CBC - image credit)

Voters will have their last chance to cast ballots for the District 16 Cornwall-Meadowbank byelection Monday.

Four candidates are in the running this time around. Jane MacIsaac is running for the Liberals, Todd MacLean for the Greens, Mark McLane for the Progressive Conservatives and Larry Hale for the New Democratic Party.

The byelection was called on Oct. 18 after Liberal MLA Heath MacDonald resigned the seat to run federally in the Malpeque riding.

Friday was the last day for advance voting. Polls closed at 7 p.m with 8.9 per cent of eligible voters casting ballots Friday.

A total of 32.8 per cent of eligible voters, or 1,423 of 4,335 eligible registered electors, cast ballots on one of the three days advance polls were open.

On Monday, polls will be open at the APM Centre in Cornwall from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters should bring their voting information card and a photo ID.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, masks will also be required.

Focus on health care

CBC/Google Earth
CBC/Google Earth

Candidates said health care is an issue that's been top-of-mind for most voters.

"People of Cornwall-Meadowbank are really concerned about losing access to health care, they're really concerned that the mismanagement of our health-care system presently is going to leave them in the lurch," MacIsaac said. "We've also heard a lot of concerns about affordability in general, not just about housing."

MacLean said about 80 per cent of the conversations he's having in the district are about health care.

"I'm sure you've seen [the Greens] increasingly these past few weeks really holding the government's feet to the fire on these key issues like health, and affordable housing and the cost of living," he said.

McLane said he'll be working hard with the current government to address the issues impacting District 16 residents.

"I think they're happy with the Dennis King government, there's no doubt ... and concerned about the growth in Cornwall and how this area grows in the future," he said.

Hale on the other hand, said the NDP brings a different perspective to the provincial legislature.

"The New Democrats have always had a little bit of an uphill fight to get past the position of the mainline parties," he said.

"But I think that as we're going into a leadership campaign, we have some excellent people who are considering the leadership. I really hope my candidacy has raised the profile of the Island New Democrats and gives us some momentum."

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