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School’s Out

Derek Cobia, 33, and wife Amy, 32, sold everything to live in a converted school bus. [Picture: SWNS]

Adventurous family quit the rat race and sell everything to travel around in a converted school bus

An adventurous family has dropped out of the rat race, selling everything to travel around in a converted school bus.

Derek Cobia, 33, and his wife Amy, 32, spent $15,000 renovating the 28ft x 8ft school bus with solar panels, a composting toilet, a working kitchen, wood-burning stove and a bath tub big enough for two people.

The couple, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, were inspired then they lived in an RV on a local campsite in 2015 for a year.

They decided to renovate the bus and sell up and travelwith three-year-old daughter Payson and their American bulldog Britches.

So far they have visited 33 states, living off  Derek’s income as a freelance financial adviser and Amy’s remote part-time administration work.

Derek and Amy plan to home school Payson in the coming years, but eventually hope to settle down in Wyoming or Oregon, still living minimally.