Aerial footage from Ukraine offers a new look at a rare tank-on-tank battle that ends with a close-range kill of Russian armor

  • Ukraine's Ministry of Defense posted new footage of a tank duel at close range.

  • The clip shows a Ukrainian tank taking out a Russian tank with two explosions.

  • The tanks were so close to each other that only a hedge of trees separated the two.

Newly released aerial footage shows an intense close-range duel between a Ukrainian tank and a Russian tank that left the latter annihilated.

Ukraine's Ministry of Defense posted the video on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday.

The new footage of the rare tank-on-tank encounter, which was first captured on camera last year, shows both tanks for the first time, revealing just how close they actually were to each other.

The video, taken by Ukraine's 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, shows a Ukrainian T-64BV tank fire at a Russian T-72B3 from the other side of a trench and a line of trees, just yards away.

Two explosions hit the Russian tank before the Ukrainian tank drives off.

"A tank duel," Ukraine's Ministry of Defense wrote on X. "A Ukrainian T-64BV knocked down the occupiers' T-72B3 at close range."


The post does not indicate exactly where the fight took place but according to RBC-Ukraine, it happened in the Zaporizhzhia region.

"Tank-on-tank engagements have become relatively rare," according to a 2023 special report from the Royal United Services for Defence and Security Studies. "But when they occur they usually take place within 1,000 m."

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