Afghan interpreter’s emotional plea for Biden to save his family during CNN interview: 'We will all be killed'

An Afghan interpreter who worked with the U.S. Special Forces for over five years, spoke to CNN’s Kate Bolduan, who was guest-hosting Erin Burnett OutFront Thursday, and he had an emotional plea for President Joe Biden. The interpreter, who wanted to be called Abdul for the safety of him and his family, said that he has been chased by Taliban fighters, and spoke of the fear he and his family live in every second of every day.

“I don’t know how long more should I handle this. I have a wife and three young kids. We will all be killed if the Taliban find us,” Abdul said, later adding, “We live in fear everyday. And once the Americans leave, our lives will be over. Americans will have signed our death sentence…It is not just a matter of days, it is a matter of seconds, minutes, hours. Anything can happen to me.”

Knowing that the lives of him and his family lie in the hands of the American military that he risked his life to help, Abdul made an appeal to Biden not just on his behalf, but on behalf of all interpreters whose lives are now in constant danger.

“I’m appealing to the U.S. government, to President Biden, to please save me and my family, and the Afghan interpreters who worked for your country. You are leaving us here to die?” Abdul said, stopping to compose himself before continuing. “Please, I’m begging you. I’m begging America, please help us.”

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