AG reviews call for inquiry into Toronto police handling of missing persons cases linked to Gay Village

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    Another good Wynne soldier towing the line and doing what's he's told and in the end he will find no wrong doing. There will be the usual comments about how the cases could have been handled this way or that way and they did their job to the best of there abilities- Case Closed!
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    Elections in June. Time to investigate the cops.
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    Ice Rinks
    Where's the enquiry over this Attorney General Yasir Naqvi's (Ottawa riding) anti-constitutional anti-free speech bubble zones. He's responsible for the arrest of a Canadian Citizen who held up a sign which merely affirmed the right to free speech. The inmates are runnning the institutions. His cultural baggage is clearly a problem for him to be Attorney General. Anyone looking for a fifth column? Makes you wonder.
    The new law criminalizes pro-life speech outside abortion centers.
    The new law criminalizes pro-life speech outside abortion centers.
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    Flinger Of Truth
    Diddly squat to do with law and order the Liberals are hoeing for votes only.
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    Are we going to waste more money again? There's no end.
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    Sure and nothing to see where the gas plant scam went into the toilet.After Wynne paid the OPP
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    How about investigating the billions of dollars wasted by the Liberal government? when he done investigating anything Deb Matthews and Wynne had a decision in that cost taxpayers money should be done first, releasing details and then we can look at Tory's request.
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    The AG should do a in depth fact finding mission regarding the way the Toronto Police conduct themselves when dealing with the general public. The first recommendation should be a mandatory drug test for all constables on the force considering the recent overdose of a drug enforcement cop?
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    NAQVI: Is just another, out of touch with reality whacky Dictator wynnie Puppet, just like used car salesman Sousa. The 2 lowest traits the male species can Posses. Is to be P_ssy Whipped, and a Follower, which we have MANY like Naqvi and Sousa in this Ontario liberal gang of Fraudulent Corrupt liars and thieves . They all have wynnies Ring in their Noses.
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    The Codfather
    maybe they left the gay village to join the gay navy ferry boats