Agropur investing $34 million into Truro ice cream plant

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Expansion plans at the Truro Agropur plant are expected to begin right away.  (Paul Palmeter/CBC - image credit)
Expansion plans at the Truro Agropur plant are expected to begin right away. (Paul Palmeter/CBC - image credit)

North American dairy giant Agropur is making a significant investment into their ice cream and frozen novelties plant in Truro, N.S.

The Montreal-based company will spend $34 million dollars on renovations expected to begin immediately.

"This major investment will allow us to redefine the space within the plant," said Karen Baker, Agropur's vice-president of fresh and frozen products. "It will support the development of several business opportunities for Agropur, especially in a growing market."

Baker says the company will be hiring new employees and the commitment demonstrates Agropur's ambition to solidify its presence and pursue other business development in the Atlantic region.

"I think this really gives us an opportunity to really expand what we currently make here," said Robert Bowman, the manager of the Truro Agropur plant. "There will be some new innovations and our Agropur team is working with our key customers to see what those innovations look like so we can provide some new business opportunities in the novelty sector."

Bowman says the expansion at the plant located in the Truro Business Park should be completed sometime in 2023.

Paul Palmeter/CBC
Paul Palmeter/CBC

The renovations are expected to provide economic spinoffs in the Truro area.

"When you make an investment of this magnitude, as your company has previously done on this site here, it adds credibility to our industrial park,'' said Truro Mayor Bill Mill. "It will be bringing more jobs to our community and it brings confidence to others for growth in this area."

Agropur is a major player in the North American dairy industry with $7.3 billion in sales in 2021. The company employs 7,500 people at 31 plants across North America.


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