'AGT' comedian's uncomfortable moment as Simon Cowell buzzes him during performance flop

The semifinals continued on America's Got Talent Tuesday night, with a few flubs from multiple acts, but it was comedian Kabir Singh who seemed to bomb the worst.

The longtime comedian has a lot of experience on the stage, but on Tuesday, viewers agreed that there was something "a little off" about his performance, as many of his jokes fell a little flat. Inevitably, judge Simon Cowell buzzed Kabir halfway through his performance, to which the comedian immediately reacted, exclaiming, "Oh, no, Simon! Come on. Can I do one more joke?"

Sofia Vergara, who was also not a big fan of Kabir's performance, stated "I knew it was coming," following Simon's buzzer, and later told Kabir, "I didn't like today. I don't know what happened to you. You were amazing. I loved you so much before. You were nervous. I was so excited waiting for you, because you have made me laugh so much, and there was something in your energy, too, that was weird. I don't know if you miss your mom maybe. It was a little depressing for me today, I don't know why."

As for Cowell, who Kabir asked, "How could you do that to me," the judge shared, "I'll tell you why I did it, Kabir, because I think you needed that. I think it wasn't going great, and I just thought by giving you a buzz, I think it made the act better, weirdly."

In the end, host Terry Crews asked Kabir if he could convince America to vote for him so he could recover from his flopped performance, and the comedian shared, "Absolutely. I have one of the best sets ready to go, next act, but this was what I did today, and it was an honor to perform for you guys, America. Please vote for me, let's go."

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