'AGT' contestant's horrifying story about parents' murder devastates judges

On America's Got Talent Tuesday, pop singer Jayy's heartbreaking story and tear-jerking performance of Freya Riding's "Lost Without You," brought tears to the eyes of the judges.

Jayy has dreamt of competing on AGT ever since she moved to the United States at the age of 15 years old with her family from the Dominican Republic. However, sadly, when Jayy was 19 years old, her family suffered from a horrific tragedy.

In 2011, her family's bodega was robbed at gunpoint and her parents were murdered right in front of her. According to a report by Philadelphia Inquirer, Jayy’s father had rushed to the counter when one of the gunmen had jammed a pistol into Jayy’s side, begging the robbers not to harm Jayy or his other daughter, who was also working the counter that evening. The robbers instead fatally shot Jayy’s father, mother, and aunt before fleeing the scene.

Following her parents' murder, Jayy said she had to become the big sister for her siblings, which meant putting her dreams on the back burner. But now, at 29 years old, Jayy has finally decided to focus on her music in honor of her parents.

"I finally decided to, you know, focus on my music that I know they loved to see me doing all the time. And I really hope that they are happy today seeing me here," said Jayy.

Sofia Vergara told the AGT contestant, "I'm sure they're happy, and they're proud that you're here. Just by having the strength to survive something so horrific, it says a lot about you. And we're happy that you're here. We can't wait to hear you sing."

Unfortunately, there were no more Golden Buzzers in play, as Heidi Klum used the last one earlier in the night on quick-change artist Lea Kyle, but Jayy's talent alone is all she needed to make it through to the next round.

Klum shared, "It was moving, you know? Your singing, I mean, you can feel every word that you're singing, everything that you went through and, at the same time, your strength for actually showing up and doing you. You've been taking care of everyone around you. Now is your time. So I'm ready to celebrate you in your time."

Simon Cowell stated, "I think what you just did was, I mean, incredible. To be able to sing a song like that, with that lyric, with all those memories, you know, in your head, I think, is extraordinary. Genuinely extraordinary. It was a beautiful audition. And people like you are the reason why we make this show, genuinely, you know? I think you're an incredible person."

In the end, Jayy received yeses from all four judges.