'AGT' contestants pull off epic prank and reveal themselves to be famous twin sisters

A fight broke out on the America's Got Talent stage Tuesday night, after creepy cosplayers/TikTok challengers Monique and Stefani, known as the Duo Ragdolls, gave a terrible performance that earned them four red Xs as well as a lot of booing from the audience.

“If someone would have shown up at rehearsals last night, it would have been a lot better,” Stefani grumbled passive-aggressively, throwing her lavender-wigged bestie under the proverbial bus. “You’re not going to, like, blame me right now,” Monique sassed back, although she did admit she was “a little off” during Duo Ragdolls’ childish routine. “You were terrible. You were absolutely terrible,” Stefani countered, at which point Stefani and Monique started tossing each other around like, well, ragdolls. And that was when their shtick actually became entertaining.

As the wigs literally went flying and the girls tumbled out into the audience, bodily banging themselves onto Simon Cowell’s judging desk and setting off his red buzzer repeatedly, one of them met Simon’s befuddled gaze and barked, “Was that extreme enough for you?” And that was when Simon recognized that the Duo Ragdolls were -- in a big reveal worthy of The Masked Singer -- former AGT: Extreme judge/professional wrestler Nikki Bella and her twin sister, fellow WWE wrestler Brie Bella.

“You are very naughty, you two,” chuckled Simon, as he ultimately changed his “no” to a “yes.”

Video Transcript

- You were terrible.

- And I thought it was--

- I was actually not terrible.

- You were absolutely terrible. Excuse me? What?

- Oh my God!

KYLIE MAR: A fight broke out on the "America's Got Talent" stage Tuesday night after creepy cosplayers slash TikTok challengers Monique and Stephanie, known as The Duo Rag Dolls, gave a terrible performance that earned them four red X's.


- I've been drinking long while you've been nauseous. [INAUDIBLE].

KYLIE MAR: The fight got very intense as the two ended up beating each other up right in front of Simon Cowell's face.


But just when we thought it was about to get even worse--

- Simon, was that extreme enough for you?

- You--

- It's Nikki and Brie Bella! The Bella Sisters!

KYLIE MAR: That's right, it was all a big Bella prank planned by the Sisters after the two had discussed Nikki's experience as a judge on "AGT Extreme" earlier this year. And while Nikki had previously stated that she was initially very intimidated sharing the judging panel with Simon, it's safe to say that's no longer the case.

- My God, I was going to turn my [INAUDIBLE] into a yes.

- Oh, no. What is happening?

SIMON COWELL: You are very naughty, you two.

- Is it yes or no?

SIMON COWELL: Oh yeah, I turn mine into a yes.

- Woo!