Airdrie officials 'yield' to stop sign complaints

An Airdrie resident stood up to "the man" and now an oddly placed stop sign is in the rear-view mirror — "the man" backed down.

"This past Friday, I drove past and it's now changed to what I think it should have been the whole time," Marcus Elford told CBC News on Monday.

Elford got a ticket for failing to stop at a seemingly redundant sign on a street near Cooper's Town Promenade mall, just beyond a pedestrian crossing that also requires drivers to stop.

"Somebody's going to get hurt. Change it to something that makes sense," Elford said earlier this month.

Fellow frustrated residents of the community just north of Calgary agreed and backed a petition Elford started.


"I went to court," he said Monday.

"The prosecutor, the officer and I watched the video of why I got the ticket."

And charges were dropped moments later.

Elford then asked the city to consider dropping the sign. He got an email saying they would consider the request, and then another saying the stop sign had to go. It's been replaced with a yellow free flow sign.

Dan McGarvey/CBC

Beyond righting what Elford and others considered a wrong, the incident had connective value.

"I've had people from my childhood comment, 'Was this you?' 'Thanks for doing that, it's about time somebody did that.'"

Further, the incident has Elford clashing with The Clash and their 1979 rendition of I Fought the Law.

"Someone said, 'Apparently you can fight city hall and win,'" Elford told CBC.

"If you see something wrong, maybe stand up and do something about it."