Airline passenger shows what it’s like to fly on a luxury, 'business class-only' plane: ‘Best experience ever'

For those who don’t live in the New York area, La Compagnie might be a total mystery.

That’s because the boutique, ultra-luxe airline operates only flights from France, Italy and New Jersey’s Newark Liberty Airport.

Despite its limited service, the company is now going viral, thanks in large part to a passenger named Jordan Wanamaker Jav (@wanamakerlife).

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In a clip posted earlier this month, Jav showed what it’s like to fly on the airline’s planes, which feature nothing but business-class seating. Viewers were blown away by some of the perks.

Jav’s video is just the latest viral clip to explore some of the world’s most luxurious air travel options. A week prior, a TikToker showed what it’s like to fly first class on Emirates — an experience that includes a complimentary shower.

La Compagnie was founded in 2013 and has a very limited fleet of planes. As a result, though, it’s able to maintain some high standards for its all-business-class flights.

For example, Jav’s clip shows that all of the plane’s seats can fully recline, in addition to featuring free WiFi and entertainment for every passenger. Passengers are also served champagne, “gourmet food” and unlimited drinks.

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“Best flight experience hands down,” Jav captioned his post.

The video also included what Jav called his own “personal fog machine.” It’s unclear if that was actually a La Compagnie feature or something related to maintenance.

Either way, TikTokers were blown away by the high-end experience. Others who’d used the airline agreed with Jav’s praise.

“Ugh I love la compagnie it’s been my fav flight in my life,” one user commented.

“Are they hiring flight attendants?” another user joked.

“The best experience ever,” another agreed.

Others noted that as far as business-class flights go, La Compagnie is fairly affordable.

Currently, a round-trip flight from Newark to Paris costs between $1,600 and $1,900. Most comparable flights cost at least $2,200 or more.

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