Airline promotes trips to Toronto with misleading image

A Reddit user came across this misleading Air Transat ad about Toronto. Photo from Reddit.

Is Toronto known as the home where the bison roam? According to one airline, it is.

It seems Air Transat is misleading customers with an ad for flights from London to Toronto. A Reddit user came across the poster while waiting for a subway.

“I was sitting at a tube station in London when I noticed this advertisement,” the caption reads. “Anyone else feels it is a bit misleading?”

The ad promotes daily flights from London to Toronto. The accompanying image, however, doesn’t do much to tout Toronto’s thriving cityscape or its bustling nightlife. Instead it shows a photo of a bison with a backdrop of a tranquil lake and the Rocky Mountains. It’s a familiar Canadian landscape…if you lived in parts of Alberta or B.C.

Canadian Reddit users were quick to chime in.

“It’s all about the angles,” remarked AlHanso.

“It’s only off by a mere 3000km, totally not misleading,” noted Fourseventy.

“Buffalo [are] pretty close to Toronto, and Blue Mountain is just outside the city,” joked igottashare. “Seems legit to me.”

“An actual picture of Torontonian wilderness (trash pandas and Canadian Geese) wouldn’t be so inviting,” wrote Motolancia. (For the uninitiated, trash panda is another term for raccoons.)

Others used the thread to share stories about European people’s comical misconceptions of Canada’s landscape.

This Air Transat ad certainly won’t help clear anything up.