Airport landing and other fees to return to N.W.T. after COVID-19 hiatus

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The government of the Northwest Territories has not been collecting aircraft landing fees, lease fees, concession fees, and licence fees for all businesses operating out of N.W.T. airports since about April 1, but will begin again in the new year.

The collection of fees was suspended to help operators and small businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a news release from the territorial government Monday, that program has meant about $6.3 million in support for businesses operating at airports across the N.W.T.

Come Jan. 1, the government will no longer offer that relief.

"The [government of the Northwest Territories] must now take into account the financial situation of its airports and ensure they have the funds to safely operate," states the news release from the Department of Infrastructure. "The revenue generated through airport fees enables essential investments in airport infrastructure, improvement projects and maintenance activities."

The suspension of landing fees was announced on March 20, while the suspension of other airport fees was announced on April 1. Both measures were extended for the rest of 2020 in July.