Aishwarya Pissay On Being Accepted As A Racer On And Off Track

Being accepted in a sport that barely has women’s participation can be a daunting task to begin with. But Aishwarya Pissay went from being the only woman amongst a pool of male racers on a race track to now seeing a growth in women’s participation due to grassroots initiatives.

Reminiscing on race track camaraderie, she says, “We exchange notes after we come back from riding recce and I ask my peers for advice. There's a lot of support that does come in through my peers as well. Same goes when I go to race internationally. Even the riders there share notes and give you advice to understand different aspects of racing and race tracks. The camaraderie is great in motorcycling — it builds a relationship that brings all of us together with our bikes.”

With support comes criticism also when women enter fields which are highly male-dominated. Aishwarya Pissay sheds light on it too, watch the video to know her thoughts on dealing with misogyny.

(Interviewed by Poorvi Gupta; Video produced by Manasi Phadnis and edited by Dhruv Sharma)

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