Alabama high school quarterback suffers broken arm in apparent hazing incident

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Davidson High School (Ala.) student athlete Rodney Kim Jr. was attacked by teammates in an alleged hazing incident. (WALA)

A freshman quarterback at Davidson High School in Mobile, Alabama, suffered a broken arm and other injuries after he was assaulted by teammates last week in an apparent hazing incident.

Television station WALA reports that 14-year-old Rodney Kim Jr., who was just promoted to the varsity team, was going back to the locker room after offseason practice last Friday when he was pushed to the floor by one of the (alleged) leaders of the team.

At that point, around 20 other upperclassman pounced on the young man, hitting, kicking and jumping on him. Mobile police responded to an assault complaint at the school, but none of those involved have been charged at this point.

Four players have been suspended since the attack according to a spokesperson for Mobile County Public Schools.

The attack was caught on cellphone video, and Kim’s father has seen it.

“There’s some hatred in there, I mean they beat him, they maliciously beat him. I mean, it’s just uncalled for … I mean you never envision your child, being so helpless, and you can’t do anything,” Rodney Kim Sr. said.

The call to Rodney Kim Sr. and Mary Kim said their son had been injured at practice, but Rodney Jr. had a busted lip and bruises in addition to the broken right arm that required surgery, and the parents discovered it wasn’t a practice injury at all.

Mary Kim said her son told her about another hazing incident a week earlier, but nothing was done about it, and she’d like the school and coaches to look into that one as well.

Davidson football coach Fred Riley did not want to comment to WALA.

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