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Alana Stewart Reveals Horrifying Rape At 18-Years-Old -- Access Hollywood

Alana Stewart has lived an extraordinary life and she shares her story - including details of her romances with ex-husbands George Hamilton and Rod Stewart in her new memoir, "Rearview Mirror."

Visiting Access Hollywood Live on Monday, Alana said she and Rod have talked about the book.

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"We talked the other night at my daughter's birthday party and I said, 'I hope you're not gonna be upset about anything I write in the book because I'm brutally honest, but I'm also brutally honest about myself and my part,'" the actress and activist told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Monday's show. "I was not perfect and I take 50 percent of the blame."

Alana and Rod have two children together - Kimberly and Sean Stewart - and she remembers those early years of the marriage, which ultimately ended after just five years, as a wonderful time.

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"We had some great years at the beginning and we were madly in love and we had an incredible - we had two babies very quickly in the first two years," she told Billy and Kit. "We had a really terrific life for a few years and we really did love each other."

The actress' first husband was George Hamilton, with whom she had a son - former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Ashley Hamilton - and she had kind words for her ex on Monday's show.

"I was lucky. He was and is a really nice and decent human being," she said of George.

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But beyond her Hollywood romances and friendships, Alana shared a story she hadn't told her loved ones before. In her new book, she also recounted being raped. The perpetrator was never found.

"He spoke in a very raspy voice and he held a knife to my neck and he hit me really hard and I fell back and my head was completely cut open and I kept just praying. During the whole experience, I just kept saying, 'Please God, don't let him kill me. Please, God, let me live,' and I think when it was over and I was alive, I was so grateful to be alive that it was, of course, obviously traumatic, but I was really grateful to be alive," she said.

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