Alberta environment minister tells rural areas coal mining doesn't threaten water

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EDMONTON — Alberta's environment minister is trying to reassure rural municipalities in the province's south that their water supply isn't threatened by industrial development such as coal mines.

Many municipalities have expressed concern about what effects the government's plan to expand the coal industry would have on water supplies.

Environment Minister Jason Nixon says despite changes to water allocation from rivers, environmental rules remain the same.

Nixon was responding to a question from a Pincher Creek councillor who referred to a resolution on water passed Tuesday at a convention of rural municipalities.

The resolution says the province changed water policy to benefit a proposed open-pit coal mine in the Rockies without consultation.

It calls on the province to ensure water supplies remain of high quality and are adequate for the needs of everyone in the area.

Nixon says there's no threat to water supplies or quality, and suggests concerns are the result of misinformation.

The Canadian Press