Alberta premier threatens to cut off oil to B.C. in fight over pipeline: throne speech

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    I live in B.C. For those who wrote that we get our gas and diesel from Washington state, that is true but the crude oil is shipped to U.S. Refineries by pipeline crossing near Sumas and by rail. All of it coming from Alberta. They just refine it and sell it back to us.
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    holy ,.,/' the gasoline will go to 2.50 a liter
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    Why isn't Alberta building it's own massive oil refinery to handle the oil?

    Yes, it is not in the best location from which to ship gasoline and the other products, but it is obviously not in a good place to ship the heavy oil from either. Processing the oil in Alberta also dramatically reduces the number of oil spills that will happen shipping the heavy oil out and the processed products back in!

    BC and the other provinces may not want the heavy oil shipped over their land and along their coasts, but they do need and use processed products in huge quantities as do the northern US states!

    It would be great to eliminate our need for foreign oil and gas completely and create many thousands of jobs!
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    Ordinary Guy
    How you loving the NDP and Green BC coalition now?
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    WHERE IS OUR PRIME MINISTER ON THIS ISSUE? You have a serious issue between two major provinces that can have a direct impact on all of Canada's economy for crying out loud if it escalates.
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    Matt vluven
    So let me get this right. Bc is not okay with a state of the art, highly monitored and highly regulated pipeline that has passed every environmental standard but is ok with clearcutting their forests?
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    Virgil Caine
    Should it come to pass, I'm sure all the Nay-sayers in BC will have no problem with Alaskan oil tankers sailing into Vancouver DAILY to deliver oil to BC's Lower Mainland refineries.....Sunni Ways!
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    You don't want our oil, you won't get our oil.
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    Do I need a passport to travel to Alberta now?
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    Where is Trudeau now ? The Federal government approved and said move forward. Our economy needs this change to go through.Canada is a country of natural resources and we need to sell to survive. These leaders need to grow up and stop this political vote gathering nonsense. Time for unification and whats best for our economy. The federal LIberal's need to grow a set and solve this issue. I know its hard for Trudeau as he is to busy trying to mandate women's rights and wear costumes, but someone should let him know what his job consist's of.