United Conservatives say Notley's net-zero grid promise would cost $87 billion

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EDMONTON — The United Conservative Party says the NDP's plan to mandate a net-zero electricity grid by 2035 would cost at least $87 billion.

It says the NDP's plan is unrealistic and that most of the province's national gas power plants would have to shut down or be retrofitted.

The two parties are fighting it out on the campaign trail in the lead-up to a May 29 provincial election.

The NDP says the UCP's estimate is based on a year-old report that overestimates the price of renewables and doesn't account appropriately for the role of new technologies.

Meanwhile, UCP Leader Danielle Smith says she won’t comment on a Calgary street pastor being convicted of mischief for his actions at the COVID-19 border protest at Coutts, Alta.

Smith says Artur Pawlowski’s case is continuing through the legal system and she does not publicly discuss specific court cases.

Smith is under an investigation by Alberta’s ethics commissioner for a phone call she had, as premier, with Pawlowski before his trial.

The Canadian Press