Alberton mayor reveals he hasn't paid his sewer bill in 13 years

Months after being elected, the mayor of Alberton, P.E.I. has revealed he has thousands of dollars in unpaid bills to the municipality, which he says is from sewer fees and interest. 

Last week, David Gordon amended his disclosure statement with the town — indicating a debt to the municipality of more than $40,000. 

Gordon initially filed the disclosure statement in December, as is required for mayor and councillors under P.E.I.'s Municipal Government Act. But in that initial statement he did not list any debt owing to the municipality. 

"The reason why I didn't include that, I didn't feel I was eligible to pay that," Gordon said. 

'I shouldn't be made to pay it'

Gordon said he hasn't paid his sewer bill for the past 13 years, because he has his own septic system, and doesn't use the town's sewer system. "I felt that if I'm not hooked up to something, I shouldn't be made to pay it," Gordon said. 

Gordon said he's been disputing the bill for years.

Sarah MacMillan/CBC

The town charges sewer fees of $200 per year for a single family home. Gordon said that's why he disputes the size of his bill.

"Forty thousand dollars for 13 years of back sewer taxes.… It's got to be some kind of an interest. I don't know where it comes from, but it's a fairly substantial interest rate," Gordon said. 

Statement posted online

Gordon said he amended his disclosure statement after he was asked to do so by the town's CAO last week.

The updated statement was posted to the town's website and Twitter. 

To complicate matters, the CAO is retiring, and worked her last day on Friday. The town is now working to hire someone to replace her, but in the meantime, there is no one to speak on the town's behalf. 

Sarah MacMillan/CBC

The province's municipal affairs department told CBC it has no comment, as it is an internal town issue — and it is up to council what happens next. 

As well as hiring a new CAO, the town also has several council vacancies to fill. Gordon said once that happens, he hopes council will be able to come up with a way to resolve the situation. 

"I don't mind paying taxes if I'm using the facility. And if I gotta pay taxes that the facility goes by my door, from here on out I will."

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